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Alexandria Software and IT Association (ASITA) is a fast growing NGO, founded in 2011, representing more than 45 IT companies in Alexandria, many of whom are competitive small and medium sized enterprises, exporting high-tech software and services. ASITA's main fields of concern are software technology, building the IT companies network in Alexandria and linking it with Cairo and the whole globe, in addition to other ICT related fields of interest”

Asita represents a powerful network of creative professionals and innovative companies. It provides support services in collaboration with other active IT industry organizations like ITIDA and IETESAL with the aim of promoting mutual communication between experts, decision-makers, and executives, connecting its members with clients, consultants, and markets.
ASITA adopts a developmental approach aiming at strengthening small and mid-sized IT firms and promoting innovation, economic growth and employment specifically in Alexandria but also in Egypt as a whole. ASITA also plays an important role as an intermediary between IT companies and the media, transferring member's views and representing the IT industry of Alexandria in the both the printed and online press.

Our Vision

To inspire the world to experience Alexandria’s rich heritage in technology solutions while delivering long-term value for IT companies, the business community and society.

Our mission

We recognize and seize opportunities that enable and sustain Egypt’s economic growth. Passionate about IT being a tool for social improvement, workforce matches the needs of investors in Alexandria.


With one of the fastest growing IT industries worldwide, Egypt enjoys one of the largest labor pools of deeply talented specialized skills. Joining highly developed infrastructure with enthusiastic & well educated youth open to new challenges, Alexandria, Egypt second largest city and its main industrial hub, has become a centerpiece of innovation.

Events and Networking

ASITA organizes many events every year to promote new technologies and raise awareness of new trends, as well as encourage collaborationbetweenmember companies, potential clients andindustry experts to exchange views and explore business opportunities.

Service & Information

Asita updates its members about latest issues of concern to the IT industry.Through its web site, the latest events and developments in policy making and technology are provided. ASITA also offers its members practical assistance legal, financial, management, business courses, training and consultancy at highly discounted rates in collaboration with other NGO and government support bodies.

Community service

Asita is collaborating with Alexandria University; Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Information Technology Institute (ITI) offering fresh graduates opportunities as trainees in its member companies.It is also working as a mediator between the faculties and members to build up a new curriculum or enhance the current one for future generations of graduates based on the needs of the local labor market in addition to the global one.


Cairo was listed 7th - up from 11th in Global Services-Tholons Study of the top 50 emerging global outsourcing cities. In 2008, Yankee Group listed Egypt as the best positioned country in the Middle East to capitalize on the region’s booming ICT sector. In 2010, the report featured nine new entrants, with Egypt's Alexandria breaking into the top 50 for the first time. Egypt now has two cities in the list, highlighting the progress; it is making and turning the country into a hotspot for global outsourcing.



Members profit from the network they form with ASITA as already more than 45 mid-sized businesses have joined the association.

Advantages of Membership


ASITA connect s the brilliant and ambitious minds of Alexandria ICT market, making the organization a fast growing network of knowledge. Members get benefit of being faster and better informed, which enables them an earlier presence in new markets.

Contact with decision makers

With ASITA you have direct access to decision makers within the industry. Members can meet their competitor, partners and customers in a reliable place for all.


ASITA’s network is a fast growing marketing platform, the best place to contact with business partners throughout Egypt.
  • financial support
    ASITA's members have the benefit of a financial support in technical and soft skills training courses which range from 40%-60% of the total fees; the training courses are

    • Technical Training
    • Soft Skills Training
    • English Language Training

  • Conference Room Facilities
    Members get benefit from use of ASITA's conference room facilities in ASITA's Premises, equipped with White Screen, wifi and Data show, up to 30 seats for board or training purposes such as Presentation, technical courses.

  • Social meeting room
    Members would have the chance to hold Business Negotiations, Business Team Meetings in a peaceful, secured, and comfortable place where all administrative equipments are provided, 10 m from the sea beach in Al Dobat Buildings- Sidi Gaber, with a large parking area, next to the train station as well.

Becoming a member

To become a member, please complete and send in the "Membership Application". The document is available for download underneath this article. If you would like us to provide an estimate for your company’s membership fee, please contact our membership department. Alternatively, you might choose to complete the “Company Data” sheet, also available for download underneath along with the "Articles of Association"

For Membership Please download this Form then fill it. Registration Form,Asita System



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Board Members


Mohamed Hanno

General Secretary

Amr Adly

ASITA Treasurer

Osama Abdel-Karim

Vice Chairman

Ihab Abdullah

Board Member

Youssef Aly

Board Member

Farid Naggar

Board Member

Ali Ashour


Address: 98 Al Dobat Buildings, Moustafa Kamel, Flat No. 13, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: (03) 5432371
Mob: (002) 01027245060


We welcome and value your feedback about our services. If you have a question or comment, please send it to our emails and you will get our reply soon.